Cathy Oberkampf, your guiding gypsy in this soul journey, is passionate about teaching and traveling. She has a specific love for camping and visiting National and State Parks often.  Her passion for teaching is geared in a way to make life and our soul journey enjoyable, fun, and unfolding with ease and grace.She has used some of her many gifts to teach at the University of Texas Medical Branch and at Habitat for Humanity International and other non-profits along the way.Cathy has been teaching at Utah State University for over 10 years in its Summer Citizens Program. She has taught Mind Mapping, Cloud Computing, Google Drive and about what she calls Google Heaven and all there is to have for FREE!Cathy has been teaching for over thirty years.  She has adapted all things Google to be a tool to create that enjoyable soul journey mentioned earlier.  Who would have thought that Google would be such an important tool? Her out of the box thinking opens the doors and even tosses the box that we try to cram things into aside. She teaches several computer classes including:
  • Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Google Drive and Chrome
  • Android Phone and Tablet
  • Google Drive and learning how to use it's capabilities
If you are interested in Soul Growth, Cathy is also a Licensed Unity Teacher and teaches many Unity classes and speaks around the country.  These courses are life applicable and will serve anyone well on this wonderful journey.  Classes include:
  • Meditation
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Care
  • Gratitude and Forgiveness
  • Healing and Wholeness
  • Communications Skills 
In addition to classes, Cathy will offer several workshops throughout the year that foster soul growth. The workshops are an exciting and creative way to explore the many ways the Divine expresses through you!  Check out our Classes & Workshops page for more information!


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